Summer Program

shop_adWe are: Personalized Training Center.   We do group trainings that ensure our clients get the most effective and dynamic workouts without the inherent dangers of other programs. You receive personal attention from our qualified trainers who watch, guide, and motivate you the whole time.  Comparing the cost to personal training, Hard-Core Fit is very reasonable and WE GET RESULTS!

If you have ever considered going to a Personal Trainer but didn’t want to pay the astronomical cost associated with it. At the same time, you really want results and need someone to show you how to get them. Then Hard-Core Fit may be the answer. Hard-Core Fit is a personalized fitness training center offering Personal Training in a group setting. We have designed a system that is as close as you can get to one on one personal training without the massive costs typically associated with personal trainers. Each session, you are given a tailored plan of workouts utilizing the most advanced sports training methods and cutting edge personal training techniques.

The workouts concentrate on your Core, Joint Stability, Balance, Cardio and Strength. They are all designed by our founder, Dr. Tony Riello, who has been studying with the National Strength and Conditioning Association to be a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Certified professionals guide you through each workout, assisting you with your form and motivating along the way. In this you get personal attention similar as you would from a personal trainer.

Most importantly you won’t have to work out for hours, 5-6 days a week to get real results. 3-4 workouts 3-4 hours per week is all you need. We offer many different types of training sessions including Strength and Conditioning (Hard-Core Fit), Total Conditioning, Complete Core and Ultimate Cardio. Also, the Hard-Core Fit workout changes all the time so you won’t get bored with the same old same old.